The Wonders of Thrifting

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is definitely my thrifting mentality. Sometimes when I’m scavenging through thrift shops, and I find something extremely cool, I wonder why anyone could have possibly have let it go.

Thrifting is not just about shopping. It’s a sustainable way to add to your wardrobe. When you thrift, you are recycling. You are taking something that was once old and making it new again. Thrifting prevents old clothes from being taken to landfills and creating more waste that the world definitely does not need. It’s interesting because when thrifting I’ve come across fast fashion brands, like Zara. But at that point, these items are no longer fast fashion. They are items that can be repurchased and reused, transforming them into sustainable purchases. I love incorporating thrifted pieces into my wardrobe. Adding something unique and pre-loved is an essential dimension to my personal style. 

I have thrifted in two cities: Miami and New York. Miami is where my love for thrifting began. I scavenged through a plethora of Goodwill locations, but the only truly interesting articles I found were semi-vintage college tees and sweaters. In New York, my love for thrifting multiplied. I’m not sure why, but New York has much cooler, well-stocked thrift shops even though they tend to be a little more expensive than Miami’s. These are a few of my favorite thrifted pieces and where they were purchased in New York.

This Harley Davidson cardigan has to be one of my favorites. I scavenged it at Buffalo Exchange in the East Village. It’s slightly tacky and the flames remind me of Lisa Frank, but I think that makes me love it more. It’s comfortable and well-loved. I always wear it buttoned, and I love pairing it with plan ol’ workout pants or jean shorts. It’s just dope.These Levi’s denim cutoffs are probably my favorite pair of shorts ever, and I got them for $8 at No Relation Vintage. They’re longer than your average Miami girl shorts, but they’re so comfortable and perfect for getting from point A to point B in New York. They honestly are way too big on me now, but I still wear them if the weather’s right. I love them that much.

Metropolis Vintage holds a special place in my heart. It was the first grungy cool thrift experience I had in my new home. My mom and I stumbled across it in the summer of 2017, and I found the dopest Metallica x Beavis and Butthead tee; that shirt now resides with my boyfriend. Metropolis is riddled with the best selection of vintage tees I’ve seen. They have every rock band you can think of along with vintage Guess, Harley Davidson, and Marlboro. The items are a little more pricey, but if you find a gem, it’s 100% worth it.  I found this Metallica tee pretty recently, and I am obsessed with it. The back is just as sick as the front.

One more find from Metropolis is this vintage Guess crewneck. The cream and gold colorway are what immediately drew me to it, but the almost fluffy wrist-exposing sleeves are what sold me. The cut of the sweater is pretty unique to what I see in stores these days. I love the oversized, almost unflattering fit.

I love fashion, and some of my favorite pieces of clothing have been thrifted. These are just a few of my favorite thrifted items to give you a taste of the wonders of thrifting. I love the idea that thrifting is a way to rediscover and repurpose forgotten items of clothing. The rush when you find something amazing makes the hit-or-miss aspect of thrifting worth it. In my experience, one man’s trash is definitely my treasure.




3 comments on “The Wonders of Thrifting

  1. Caren Prieto

    You are my inspiration! 😘

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  2. Nicole Cerra

    Ugh yes we love a thrifting queen


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