Color Pop for Brunch

On Saturday afternoon, my friends and I ventured to the Lower East Side for brunch at a cute, lil Australian cafe. At Good Thanks, I drank the yummiest cold brew, and we munched on avocado toast and poached eggs.

When I was putting together my outfit, I felt like doing something different, colorful, and slightly out of my comfort zone. I typically wear neutral colors, but I have a decent amount of colorful pieces that I don’t put to use enough. Just because winter is basically upon us, doesn’t mean I should stick to dark colors and neutrals. I was running late so I assembled the outfit rather quickly, but I really like how the outfit’s colors complimented each other.

The top of my outfit was pretty simple and basic: all black, with last season’s Reformation cropped long-sleeve and an I Am Gia Pixie Coat. My pink Adidas satin track pants were a new purchase that definitely made a statement. I’ve been loving to match a fun pant with a basic top. I topped off the outfit with a bright yellow small Chanel classic flap. This is my only yellow bag, and it’s definitely one of the coolest pieces in my collection. On my feet, I wore Fendi pom pom boots. I’ve worn these booties a few times, but I never truly loved the way they looked until this outfit. The rainbow poms brought the colorful fit together.

This outfit’s bright and contrasting colors made me feel good. Clothing’s ability to install confidence and happiness is my favorite aspect of fashion and personal style.


1 comment on “Color Pop for Brunch

  1. We love a confident and funky sister


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