How I Incorporate Holistic Wellness into My Day

Holistic wellness is based on the idea of bringing out the body’s innate ability to heal itself. It is about the whole being being well and thriving. The body knows how to heal itself, but it is our job to give it natural tools it needs in order to accomplish this task. Holistic wellness is about feeling naturally amazing. I have been striving to supply myself with the proper tools with in order to live an optimal life: mind, body, and soul. Here are aspects from a few branches of holistic wellness that I strive to incorporate in my daily life.

Physical wellness is not solely about looking good and having a fit body. In my opinion, physical wellness also plays a role in spiritual and emotional wellness. When your body is happy and healthy, you are able to work toward a happy and healthy soul and mind.

Food is truly thy medicine. I strive to incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables that have a good amount of micronutrients. Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals can help reduce risks of heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses. 90% of the time I start my day with a breakfast that incorporates fresh spinach or spring mix. Eating wholesome, healthy foods is pretty simple if you make it easy for yourself; my favorite thing to do to ensure I’m eating a nutrient dense meal is to create a rainbow on my plate.


When I feel like my food is not providing me with a full potential of nutrients, I turn to supplements. I love the Livon Labs Lypo-Spheric products. They’re little gel packets that you take down with a few ounces of water. I use the Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C and Lypo-Spheric B-Complex Plus a few times a week to keep my immunity in check and my energy levels high. 


I also take a probiotic every day. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help restore gut flora. Your gut is a biome that houses millions of bacteria. These microorganisms are a type of good bacteria that can help your overall health and wellbeing in a myriad of ways. Oftentimes, a bad gut can manifest itself into colds or acne. Taking a probiotic, can create a healthy environment in the gut and take care of these issues naturally. Probiotics also help regulate bowel movements… who doesn’t want that?  

Exercise is not only a means to lose or control weight. It is so much more than giving you defined abs or toned legs. Exercise improves cardiovascular health and strengthens your bones and muscles. Yes, exercise can help create a sculpted body, but it also improves mental health and mood. If you’re just starting out in the exercise aspect of physical wellness, do not put too much pressure on yourself. Getting a good stretch and going for a walk is still beneficial to physical health. Exercise also improves your metabolism so that your body can take care of natural processes more efficiently.

Intellectual Wellness is an aspect of wellness that I’ve recently begun striving to thrive in. Intellectual wellness includes learning new things, picking up stimulating hobbies, and being open to new ideas and new skills. One of my favorite ways to incorporate intellectual wellness into my daily life is through podcasts. My favorites are the Goop Podcast, The Health Code, My Favorite Murder, and Girl Cult Podcast. These podcasts are enjoyable to listen to and also stimulate my thought process. I’m introduced to new, eye-opening ideas and am motivated to go out into the world and use my intellectuality.


In my opinion, spiritual wellness is the hardest of these three aspects. I would love to incorporate meditation into my daily routine, but it has always been difficult for me to get started. I forget about meditating or fail to recognize its importance. The days when I do meditate, though, are the days that I feel more accomplished and ready to start my day. Meditation can give you a fresh clean slate and a clear mind.

Holistic wellness is not about being perfect. It is about balance. Some days may be near perfect, but other days you’ll forget to meditate or have pizza. It’s okay to not be perfect; what matters is that you create a balance in which one slice of pizza will not ruin your health and wellness. Go forth and be whole 🙂


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