How I Lost 30 Pounds

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin. For me, that meant losing weight because I was never confident when I was heavier. I’ve attempted countless journeys, I feel that this time I finally got it right. These are a few of my tips and tricks that truly helped me lose weight and become more comfortable and confident in my own skin.

These next three points are what truly helped me lose the weight steadily and safely without restricting.

  1. Be consistent and determined. You can eat healthy and workout but if you’re not consistent nothing will stick. For me, something in my brain has to finally click for me to begin eating right and working out. I have to feel that determination turn on, and after that nothing can stop me from reaching my goals. You have to want it for yourself in order for it to happen.
  2. It’s all about calories in versus calories out. The ONLY way to lose weight is to be expending more calories than you are consuming; you need to be in a caloric deficit. Being in a caloric deficit does not have to be restrictive. I used the My Fitness Pal app to track my calories every day, making sure I met my caloric needs while not overeating. Everyone needs to consume a different amount of calories every day, some people need less and some people need more. You can use this calorie calculator as a rough estimate for how much you should be eating. Thought these past several months of my weightless journey, I learned that it is possible to be full most of the time while on a caloric deficit, you just have to pick high volume low-calorie foods.
  3. Every movement counts. I didn’t exercise as much as I could have while I was losing weight, but I did do little things that made me more active. Parking in the farthest parking space or taking the stairs instead of the elevator is important. These are little things that may not seem effective, but they truly are. If you live in a city like New York, it’s really easy to get steps in so use that to your advantage.

I’ve always loved healthy foods, so everything I eat I enjoy. That’s another reason why I was able to lose weight; I never felt restricted. Here are some foods that I enjoy regularly, some I have in abundance and others I make sure to not over-indulge on.

screen shot 2019-01-13 at 8.08.58 pm

And here are a few of my go-to meals/snacks that are super easy and quick to make.

Bonus tips:

  • Don’t cook with oil! (1 tbsp of olive oil is 120 calories!) Use cooking spray instead.
  • Don’t eat out a lot! And if you do eat out, choose healthy. Keep in mind that salads aren’t always the best choice.
    • Some salad dressings can have up to 200+ calories per serving. Always get the dressing on the side, or even better, get some lemon wedges to squeeze on top of your salad.
    • Another option would be white fish/chicken breast and veggies!
  • If you’re counting calories, get a food scale! It will help measure how much your food weighs so you can track it correctly.

I would not have been able to lose 30 pounds if I hadn’t been fed up with not feeling confident or comfortable in my own skin. That determined mentality made being in a caloric deficit easy. There were some days that I wasn’t so strict on myself, but I made sure that I got right back on track after a heavier meal. One bowl of pasta or a few slices of pizza will not ruin a weight loss journey, but not getting back on track after that meal will!

Good luck 🙂

1 comment on “How I Lost 30 Pounds

  1. this is so inspiring!! I agree – it takes so much determination, but it’s so worth it in the end!


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