Lip Balms for Every Type of Person

My name’s Isa, and I’m addicted to lip balm. Yes, I’m a huge lip balm junkee. I just love the act of applying it and all the different varieties there are on the market. I’ve always been this way, so I feel like I have a great sense of which lip balms are good and which ones are not worth it. I love trying new lip balms and I feel like I’ve curated a good collection that I adore. Here’s a little listicle of the best balms, organized by personality type/desire! All of these are amazing, and I use them all regularly depending on my mood/need! You’ll definitely find a balm for you whether you’re always in the sun, you want something cheap yet effective, or you’re into a little something luxurious.

Read ’til the end and see how you can enter the giveaway to win all these lip balms! (New and unused, of course!)

No Fuss Gal: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick

This lip balm is for the no fuss kinda person. You need a lip balm to get the job done and that’s it. You don’t care about packaging, and you want something cheap yet extremely effective. If that’s you, you’ll love this lip balm. It’s the cheapest of the bunch, but it’s extremely moisturizing; I notice a positive difference in my the dryness and texture of my lips after one use. The chunky size of the balm also allows for a quick, two swipe application! it’s my favorite for when I’m on the go and need something quick and easy.

The Boujee Babe: By Terry Baume de Rose

This lip balm is for those who don’t mind dropping a pretty penny on a lip balm and desire an extravagant and luxe shopping/application experience, you’ll love this product. It’s pretty expensive, but that’s partly what makes it so boujee. It has a beautiful rose scent and it leaves the lips silky smooth. This product is so luxurious that, according to By Terry’s website, Baume de Rose is dubbed the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of lip balms. The product comes in a glass jar (my favorite), a crayon, and a wand.

The Self-Care Queen: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

This lip balm is for the gal (or guy) who loves to pamper her/himself. You want deep moisture, but you also enjoy cute packaging and a luxurious process of application. If that’s you, you’ll adore the iconic Lip Sleeping Mask from the Korean skincare brand, Laneige. I absolutely love this product. It’s incredibly moisturizing and super glossy and creamy. It also comes with a cute lil applicator! I love applying this before bed, but I also enjoy using it as a low-key gloss on my makeup days. Sephora has the famous Berry flavor as well as the Vanilla flavor. If you wanna get funky, and purchase a different flavor, Laneige’s website has the product in Grapefruit and Apple Lime!

The Sun Goddess: SUPERGOOP! AcaiFusion Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30

If you’re constantly in the sun or are going on a beach vacation, you’re gonna want this balm in your pocket. SUPERGOOP’s AcaiFusion lip balm is the best SPF balm I’ve ever tried. Most lip balm’s with SPF tend to be weirdly oily, chalky, or not at all moisturizing. This product is none of those things. It’s moisturizing and creamy, so much so, that you can’t even tell there’s whopping SPF 30 in it. I tend to use this balm profusely when I’m in Miami. Do yourself a huge favor and throw this in your beach bag to protect your kisser!

The Clean Beauty Lover: Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

This lip balm is for the gal who wants a product that’s made with natural, clean ingredients but still wants extreme hydration. The Agave Lip Mask is extremely thick and hydrating so this is a product I strictly use before bed or right when I wake up as part of my skincare routine. This product is a true OG for me. I’ve loved it for awhile, and have it in several shades/flavors. Bite Beauty is a company that does strictly lip products; the cool thing about the brand is that every product is made with edible ingredients. That being said, the average woman (who wears lip product everyday), consumes up to 4 pounds of lip product in her lifetime. If that worries you, and you want something that is 100% harmless if ingested, this product is for you.

Honorable mention goes to the Mario Badescu Lip Balm. I mentioned this product in my last post, and I still love it and use it regularly!

You’ll never go wrong if you choose one of these balms!

Happy moisturizing!

NOW, for the giveaway! YAY, free stuff! If you’d like to enter and win all the lip balms mentioned above, you must be following my instagram (@iroseprieto). Then, click the link down below, and enter your name and email. That’s it! On Tuesday, February 5, I’ll randomly draw the winner and I’ll let you know through email! Super easy!


XO, Isa

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  2. I love the Bite beauty ones… other than that have you tried the ones from kiehl’s… they’re good too 🙂
    Thanks for sharing the balm collection ❤
    Have a good day!


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