Winter Jackets That Are Actually Cute

The first time I owned a warm coat was probably a year and a half ago. Born and raised in Miami, I never really experienced true cold weather until I moved to New York. After the move, my love for jackets grew and I now have a full-blown collection (a few of which I’m selling on my Poshmark because I have way too many!) Most of my jackets are puffers because I absolutely adore styling them. Here’s a short little listicle of my favorite jackets that I wear regularly!

Tach Mirna Puffer in Pink and Silver

This is probably my favorite everyday jacket because it’s actually so warm, yet super cute and comfy. The metallic fabric is extremely soft, and it looks amazing with anything, from jeans to sweatpants. I love cinching the bottom a little and making the jacket puffier and rounder.

DKNY Long Coat

I never thought I’d be into an ankle length, wool coat, but this one has the nicest fit and gives an air of coolness and elegance. It’s probably ten years old; I stole it out of my mom’s closet. But I absolutely love it for nights or dinners out. I couldn’t find a link to this exact one but this one from Maje is similar!

Intermix Silver Puffer 

This puffer gives off the coolest vibe. It’s oversized and warm! I love the way it looks, but because I got the Tach silver puffer, I’m selling this one on my Poshmark! If you really love it, like I do, this is a great opportunity to buy it since it’s no longer sold in store.

I also love Canada Goose and Aritzia for coats!

Keep up with me on Instagram if you wanna see these coats in action more!

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  1. You and your metallic puffers!!

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