Minimal Makeup Look Using Clean Beauty

I’ve recently been extremely interested in incorporating more clean beauty products into both my skincare and makeup. Because I’m dedicating a lot of money and time to maintaining my clear skin, on most days I like to use products that are lighter coverage to let my skin shine through! This is my perfect, minimal, “no-makeup” makeup routine.

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

This is the coolest “foundation” I’ve ever used. The consistency is thin, and although it’s an oil, it dries down and gives the skin a subtle glowy finish. It’s perfect for my dry skin, and it layers beautifully on top of the rest of my skincare. I love it because my natural skin shows through, making it perfect for the days when I want to look put together but don’t want to feel like I’m wearing a ton of makeup.

Kjaer Weiss Cream Blush in Blossoming

Kjaer Weiss has amazing products and decadent packaging – I call it the “Cartier of makeup.” And this blush gives the prettiest natural flush to the cheeks. It’s not obvious and it gives a nice finish that does not look cakey. I love cream products because they look extremely natural yet beautiful. This blush naturally enhances the color of my cheeks.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

This is an extremely subtle highlighter, which is exactly what I look for in a highlight. It gives a natural glow to the skin that doesn’t look like the typical “Instagram baddie” extremely apparent highlight. On a day-to-day basis, I like to keep my makeup simple as if I’m not even wearing anything.

Kjaer Weiss Lip Pencil in Rose   and Lip Tint in Passionate

I love the “blotted lip” look, and with lip pencils, it’s super easy to achieve that vibe. The beautiful rose color of this pencil matches my lip color pretty well and just gives my lips definition. I hate the feeling of heavy products on my lips so lip liners and balms are perfect for me. Most days, I also add the Kjaer Weiss Lip Tint in Passionate! It gives the lips some moisture and makes them look big and juicy.

I love keeping my makeup minimal on an everyday basis, so even when I don’t have eyelash extensions, I normally don’t wear mascara! I also don’t wear concealer because I don’t want my makeup to look obvious or overdone. I don’t want it to look like I’m even wearing makeup!

Happy glowing 🙂

XO, Isa

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