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Inflight Self Care Essentials

Everyone loves to travel. We all adore visiting new places, experiencing new cultures, and trying incredible foods. But, to get to these beautiful places we must bare through a soul-sucking flight. Yes, that’s an exaggeration, but have you ever hopped off a plane with a slight cold or dry throat? A few extra breakouts or extremely dry skin? That’s what airplanes do; they have the tendency to suck the life out of you! Even just flying a few hours home from New York to Miami can be detrimental to my skin and health. As a result, I’ve curated several essentials that get me through short and long flights in one piece, just as healthy, clear-skinned, and happy as I was when I boarded.


First, let’s discuss skin. I am an avid skincare enthusiast. So I love having a little stash of miniature products that I keep strictly for travel. I get bored on planes so I like to do my full skincare routine inflight, even on short flights. I strive to keep my day-to-day and in-flight skin products cohesive because I don’t want to risk my skin reacting negatively to a new product. First, I use the mini version of my tried and true Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser. I also tend to use a lot of Drunk Elephant “The Littles” when I’m flying because they are the perfect size, and I already know my skin reacts well to the brand’s products. I usually apply the T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Serum, Marula Oil, and Protini Polypeptide Cream. I also love using the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask as a final step to lock in all the moisture on my skin! An additional step that’s great for depuffing, is using an eye mask! I love the Skyn Iceland Gel Patches because they don’t drip everywhere and you can keep them on while you nap on the plane! Right before I hope off the plane – if it’s day time – I’ll apply some sunscreen, it’s usually either the Farmacy one or the MD Solar Sciences Tinted Mineral Cream.


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I’m talking vitamins. I love supplementing, especially when I’m flying. In my opinion, the most important supplement to take when flying is vitamin C. Planes have a sneaky way of making you sick even when you think you’re healthy as can be. Vitamin C helps fight off the nasty germs that reside on planes. This is my favorite vitamin C packed supplement to take while flying. It never fails me! Any vitamin C will do though, but I find these to be extremely effective.



Essential oils are also a must for me. I am extremely prone to headaches and I often get nauseous on planes, so I love having natural yet effective ways to calm my symptoms down. The Saje Pocket Pharmacy is the perfect travel pack because it has five mini essential oil rollerballs that target an array of illness such as headaches to nausea to muscle pain. Pro tip: it’s expensive, but I got mine unused on Poshmark for half the price, so do some searching if you wanna save a few bucks!


Last but not least, I love having CBD with me while traveling. There’s a lot of hype about CBD at the moment, yet there is also a lot of stigma surrounding it due to ignorance and misinformation. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not make you high. CBD is extremely beneficial for calming the body and reducing anxiety. There are a lot of studies on it, so read up if you’re curious! I love taking CBD to relax me while flying and to help me take a nap. My favorite CBD brand is Not Pot because they use full spectrum CBD!


Some extra essentials that I must carry with me while traveling are the Aesop Resurrection Hand Sanitizer, the Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Hand Cream, a mini perfume, and obviously an extremely hydrating lip balm (check out my blog post on the best balms if you want to find the perfect moisturizer for your pout!).

Hopefully, these tips will make all the difference for you on your next flight!

Happy flying!

XO, Isa Rose

1 comment on “Inflight Self Care Essentials

  1. Hey Isa! Lovely post, what model is the multicolor LV print pouch you have pictured above? It is such a lovely size for traveling!


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