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Food Products That Will Change The Way You Eat

Recently, I’ve started following Kenzie Burke on Instagram and she has opened my eyes up to a new way of eating. Food combining is not a diet, it’s a way of eating that aims to optimize digestion and free up energy in your body. The premise of the system is to eat foods in an order that allows them to digest through the body without being blocked by other slower digesting foods. Kenzie gives tons of tips and tricks on her Instagram and guides on her website (highly recommend, btw). Through her page, I’ve tried tons of products that have changed the way I eat. I now consume more vegetables and less processed foods and animal products. I really recommend following her on Instagram purchasing her guides if you want to feel good about yourself and what you’re putting into your body. Here are a few of the items that I found through her that I absolutely love.

Honey Mama’s Chocolate

I’ve tried tons of healthy chocolate before, from Hu Kitchen to Loving Earth, but these are also incredibly delicious. They’re very creamy and have healthy, minimal ingredients. The flavors are insane. I found that these chocolates help to satisfy me at the end of the night so that I don’t snack after dinner. I also love the Oregon Peppermint! I order them online! (Kenzie also has a discount code!).

Food For Life Rice Bread

This bread has changed the game for me. It tastes amazing and is incredibly filling. I love piling avocado and chili flakes onto the toast for breakfast. Since I purchased this, I’ve had it every day. I no longer eat any other bread because these are so good. Both the multi-seed rice and brown rice loaves of bread are amazing! I find this at Whole Foods!

Yai’s Thai Curry Sauce

This is a huge game changer. Throughout my weight loss journey, I found myself focusing more on the numbers than on healthy ingredients. As a result, I wasn’t consuming as many vegetables as I wanted. With this sauce, I eat vegetables that I never really consumed, like broccoli and kale, because it tastes so good with literally any veggie. I get these at Whole Foods! The green curry is my fave.

Hilary’s Veggie Burgers

Love, love, love veggie burgers. But I felt that all the ones that I would buy before had too many unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients. Ever since I started eating these, I’ve never gone back. These are the BEST. I always heat them up on the stove and they come out nice and crispy and delicious. My favorite is the Black Rice Burger, and I get them at Whole Foods!

I wanted to curate this little list of my favorite’s from Kenzie’s recommendations because my eating habits and lifestyle have truly changed since I started food combining. I don’t have all of these every day but they are extremely healthy and compliment a diet that is full of veggies and nutrients. Definitely go support and buy her guides!

Go forth & be healthy!

XO, Isa

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