How to Be More Eco-Friendly

We take our planet for granted. It’s our job to take the steps to make the environment a better place for us and our descendants. These are the steps I’m taking to do better for the planet and feel good about my footprint on this world!

Stop buying cotton pads and get reusable cotton rounds! Cotton pads produce insane amounts of waste that just add to the already massive landfills. Using reusable rounds minimizes waste drastically. I’ve been using these from Marley’s Monsters with my micellar waters and toners on my skin and I’m loving them! They don’t drag my skin or leave cotton fluffs everywhere. Plus they’re very cute and colorful. When I want to wash them I just rinse them with water and a smidge of makeup brush cleaner and they’re good as new.

Bring your reusable mug or tumbler to your coffee shop to reduce your plastic waste! I love doing this. I take my Porter mug with me whenever I go get a nitro cold brew at Starbucks. Not only does it minimize my use of plastic, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable to drink out of. Also, a lot of coffee shops give a small discount when you bring your own cup! It adds up! In the same vein, use reusable water bottles. This one’s a no-brainer. You can get cute ones that spice up your outfit. Reduce your plastic and get a reusable water bottle! I love this one from BKR.

I highly recommend eliminating most meat and dairy products from your diet. Animal agriculture is one of the leading contributors to greenhouse gas emissions which causes deforestation, water pollution, and air pollution. It is also a massive contributor to climate change. I was vegan for three full years and I felt really great that I was minimizing my negative footprint on the planet. Since I’ve begun food combining, I’ve begun to eat less and less animal products again. It’s always a great idea to make a conscious effort to eat less meat and dairy. Not only will it help out the environment, but it will most likely lean out and make you feel great in your body!

Obviously, I’m not perfect. Sometimes I grab a plastic water bottle or use a cotton pad. But what matters is that you make a conscious effort to create less waste for our planet!

Go forth and be eco-friendly!

Xo, Isa

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