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What I Eat In A Day

I take my health very seriously, and I love fueling my body with nutritious foods that make me feel happy. This is a play by play of everything I put into my body on a regular day. The breakfasts are usually the same, but my lunch and dinners vary throughout the week. I love incorporating fresh veggies in every meal. I also try to follow food combining as much as possible, I’ve found that it really helps my digestion and energy levels.



First things first, I have warm lemon water. Lemons are incredible for your gut and digestion. The mixture coats your stomach and prepares it for any food you’ll be eating throughout the day.  Right after my lemon water, I have a spirulina smoothie. I love this smoothie! It contains 8 oz. of coconut water. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water tastes the best! I also add a teaspoon of spirulina, half a banana, half a Honeycrisp apple, and a decent-sized chunk of ginger. All the flavors combined to make the smoothie tastes very sweet and almost like bubblegum. It’s so good. You have to try it!

Next is avocado toast. I have this every day without fail. It’s probably my favorite meal on the planet. I toast up some bread. It’s usually Food For Life Brown Rice Bread. And then I slather a quarter of an avocado on to each slice. If I’m really hungry, I’ll even have 3 slices!



This is definitely a go-to lunch for me. I love having white rice with any veggies I have on hand, sauteed with spices like cumin and garlic. It’s super filling and tastes amazing. I saute the veggies with the spices. Then I add it over organic white jasmine rice and that’s it! It’s super quick and easy! Don’t be scared of carbs! They’re incredibly filling and help keep your digestion in check.



Snacks, snacks, snacks! I love snacking. My snacks vary from a Go Macro bar to rice cakes with hummus to Vegan Rob’s cauliflower puffs. I also love having matcha as an afternoon snack/pick-me-up! I snack at least once every day between lunch and dinner. It’s really easy to snack on random junk, so I always keep my kitchen stocked with healthy options. And I almost always have a GoMacro bar in my purse.



Dinner is usually something similar to lunch or a ton of veggies with salmon or another white fish. I love baking my salmon with soy-free chickpea miso and having a ton of sauteed veggies on the side. It tastes so fresh and delicious and it’s extremely filling. Sometimes I saute my veggies in a tiny bit of sesame oil to add a bit more flavor.



For dessert, I always have a piece of chocolate! I love Hu Kitchen’s chocolate and Honey Mama’s! Both are delicious. My favorite Hu flavor is Crunchy Mint and my favorite Honey Mama’s flavor at the moment is Dutch!

This is an ideal day of eating, and most days I eat like this! Sometimes it’s not as perfect but I strive to eat a lot of veggies and unprocessed foods because they make me feel my absolute best.

XO, Isa

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