Lip Products You Need

I’m a biiiiig lip product girl and I’m always discovering new products. These five lippies have been my favorites for a little bit now and I’m so excited to share!

On The Go: Farmacy Honey Butter ($10)

This is my current favorite lip balm for day to day. It’s ultra-moisturizing yet easy to apply and super portable, so it’s perfect for the New York weather and lifestyle. I’ve been loving carrying this in my purse or backpack to use throughout the day!

Glossy Gal: Kopari Lip Glossy ($13)

I absolutely love this product and I’ve been obsessed with it for months now. I love coconut oil in my skincare so this hits it out of the park for me. It’s silky on the lips yet glossy and super moisturizing. I love using this when I want something a little extra or if I’m going out and I want to feel moisturized and look good.

Fashion Meets Beauty: Clarins x The Kooples Lip Comfort Oil in Light Stone ($26)

When I saw the launch for this product, I immediately bought it. I love the Kooples for clothing and I’ve always wanted to try the Clarins Lip Oil but none of the colors appealed to me. I feel like this collab was made for me! I love milky pink and shimmery and moisturizing so this product is perfect for me. It’s my current go-to for going out and for when I want something a little more exciting!

Overnight Mask: Bite Agave Lip Mask ($26)

This has been a favorite for years now. I always go back to it if I ever stray. It’s amazing! I’ve tried several overnight masks before, but this one works so so so much better for me. It’s thick and stays on all night and my lips feel incredibly soft in the morning. If it’s a particualrly cold day in the city, I love using this during the day to provide a barrier on my lips that combats windburn and chapped lips!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask ($20)

I absolutely love this product when I went a glossy feet lip finish while intensely hydrating my lips. I’ve tried the original, the Vanilla, and the Choco Mint! Even though it’s a sleeping mask, I find myself wearing it more during the day because it’s not sticky.

I’m all about lips, and these five products have all my lip needs covered! Check out my newest YouTube video if you wanna see other beauty and fashion favorites!

x, Isa

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